Auburn Cohousing, LLC

Why Cohousing?


A Cohousing neighborhood is a community of privately owned homes that cluster around a shared open space, a community garden and a Common House that incorporates a gourmet kitchen, a large dining hall, multi-use activity rooms, guest quarters, lounge areas, pool, outdoor activity areas, workshops and other areas as planned by the community members.


Traffic and vehicle parking are kept to the exterior of the site creating a pedestrian, family, and senior friendly neighborhood. This kind of pedestrian-first neighborhood creates both safety for and encourages social interaction amongst our neighbors.

Shared Space

Shared spaces create the heart of the community where people can gather for common dinners, conversation, recreation, and other activities while the privacy of each family is preserved in their own individually owned home.



The Future

Future residents participate with current members in the development and design of the community so that it reflects the real needs and priorities of all members. This gives rise to the type of socially and environmentally sustainable 21st-century neighborhood that is growing in popularity across the country.

Meet Your Future Neighbors