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Auburn Cohousing

Working Together To Build A Dream.

Our Mission Statement:  To create a multi-generational community that is safe for all, that promotes social interaction, and that provides the opportunity to live lighter on the land.

We had a good run, but we didn't make it.

It is with sadness that the Auburn Cohousing LLC partners are dissolving the LLC after almost 4 years of best effort.  In that time we have met incredible people, built community interest and still firmly believe in living life in Community in the Cohousing model.  Unfortunately, we  have been unable to find enough investor/owner partners to finance and build a Cohousing Community in Auburn.  Our thanks to all who have in some way kept the dream alive.

A Cohousing neighborhood is a community of privately owned homes that cluster around a shared open space, a community garden and a Common House that incorporates a gourmet kitchen, a large dining hall, multi-use activity rooms, guest quarters, lounge areas, pool, outdoor activity areas, workshops and other areas as planned by the community members. 

For almost four years, we worked hard to make cohousing a reality. We learned a lot and made some good friends, but we couldn’t make our dream come true. 

There are many other cohousing projects in the area. They’re mostly full, but they often have openings if you’re patient.

We were very happy working with Katie McCamant’s Cohousing Solutions,
If you need to contact Auburn Cohousing, call or text Joe Offer, (530)878-8419

What Is Cohousing?

A neighborly member-owned community

Beautiful Auburn California

Join us and help us find a parcel of land in a walkable, natural area in the Auburn area. Together we will plan and build our perfect neighborhood.

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